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Salvadorita Mancebo ~ Artist ~

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Born in the Dominican Republic

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Salvadorita Mancebo,Born in the Dominican Republic her abundant work speaks for itself: More than 15 individual art expositions distributed through Europe,New York,Puerto Rico,Orlando,Boca Raton,Kissimmee and Santo Domingo,besides her participation in numerous collectives.She realized her first exposition in the year of 1979," International Children's Year ", in Romania which was attended by notable European artist and critics.She was given a scholarship from the UNESCO. This exposition ends with rotund sucess.Her art work is made with different techniques and in her themes includes: Landscape,still customs,social problems,religious and others.Currently,she dedicates her time to creating murals and teaching young/adults and individualized art lessons.
You can also read more about Salvadorita Mancebo in the fifth edition of " The Encyclopedia of Plastic Arts of the Dominican Republic " Author: Candido Geron

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